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About ATMA2021

ATMA2021 is the fourth Conference organized within the activities of RITA (Rete ITaliana di Approssimazione) and UMI - TAA (Teoria dell'Approssimazione e Applicazioni) workgroup.

It is held in conjunction with the RITA and UMI - TAA Annual Meetings.

The main goal of ATMA2021 is to bring together researchers working in different fields of approximation and to present recent advances from both a theoretical and a numerical perspective.

Topics include but are not limited to: Radial Basis Functions; Subdivision Schemes; Kernel methods; Meshless approximation and applications; Frames; Mathematical signal and image processing; Computer Aided Design; Approximation by sampling-type operators; Inverse problems; Time-frequency transforms; NURBS; Wavelets; Multi-Resolution Methods; Interpolation; Integral equations; Quadrature.

The previous conferences of the series took place in Palermo (2018), Napoli (2019), Perugia (2020).

Downloadable event poster

Invited speakers

Frank Filbir
Elisabeth Larsson
Vladimir Protasov
Ulrich Reif

Organizing committee

Mariantonia Cotronei (Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria)
Costanza Conti (Università di Firenze)
Alessandra De Rossi (Università di Torino)
Francesco Dell'Accio (Università della Calabria)
Filomena Di Tommaso (Università della Calabria)
Luigia Puccio (Università di Messina)
In collaboration with:
Rete ITaliana
di Approssimazione
Gruppo UMI
Teoria dell'Approssimazione
e Applicazioni



Please feel free to contact us for any information:

Local organizers

Mariantonia Cotronei, Attilio Marcianò, Melchiorre Monaca, Santo Santacaterina, Daniela Streva